My Unforgettable New Years

Being a public holiday, the Southern Expressway was open late this evening as a cavalcade of motorists made their way back up to the city from the coast. As a consequence my trip sealing drive home was even shorter than I had initially planned, and I had planned on it being short (thanks primarily to my driving instinct to not have any cars in front of me on long roads - an instinct I suspect might have something to do with making long trips less boring).

Joy at speeding along the longest over-taking lane on the Fleurieu soon churned to confusion as my most of a Franz Ferdinand CD trip home came to an end and I realised that although my car was parked in the driveway, my mind hadn't pulled in next to it. Nor was it back in the beach house in Encounter Bay instead it was still drifting back home at its own pace, as usually happens at the end of holidays. It's still not quite here yet, probably stuck behind some older brain who doesn't quite do the speed limit and brakes at times that make you exclaim "why would you brake?!", as usually happens at the end of holidays.

I don't mind waiting a little longer, after uncovering that days that I don't do any work on exist still. I don't know how to feel, now, what with emotional conflict, but it was definitely unforgettable.



Prince :'(

January 3 2006 - Like

That smiley is reserved for Darcy, man.

January 3 2006 - Like

What has that got to do with your New Years? It's not even in the spirit of New Years!

January 5 2006 - Like
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