Brad's Guide to Paying for Petrol like a Champ

After parking next to the bowser, close your eyes and feel for the pump. With eyes remaining shut, insert into fuel hole and hold down the handle. Do not ease grip until you hear the click.

Shield your eyes as you rehook the pump and then walk to the teller to pay.

Inform the teller of the number of your bowser and then immediately start chanting "la la la la la" loudly as they tell you the cost.

Pay by credit card. If asked if you want a receipt announce that you do not want any way of remembering this day.

The tears in your eyes as you drive away should blur the price displayed on the sign out the front.


zoe Oh Brad that made me giggle. I'm giggling a little too much tonight though, so maybe it has nothing to do with your entry being funny. (I'm sure it does though)
May 2 2006 - Like
Brad Do you even have a car Zoe?
May 2 2006 - Like
Zoe I don't even have my license!
May 2 2006 - Like
Sam But Queensland has cheaper petrol because of a lower Government exise...
May 3 2006 - Like
Zoe It isn't really much cheaper. Oh gosh I remember the days when petrol was 68c a litre *sigh*
May 3 2006 - Like
Gus Do you even have a life Zoe?
May 4 2006 - Like
Brad You just tear people apart don't you Gus.
May 4 2006 - Like
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