My Review of Sub-Primo in the Myer Food Court

Please wait 20 fucking minutes for this review to be prepared.


Gus ...Well?
May 17 2006 - Like
Gus ...Is that it? that it took 20 minutes to make a sandwich? Did they have spastics or just morons working there?
May 17 2006 - Like
Gus ...BUT was it worth waiting 20 minutes for?
May 17 2006 - Like
Brad It was ok. I distinctly remember while eating it: "This tastes like something that's alright". The wrapper it came in had sub associated words written all over it in varying sizes. The largest of phrases was "Grilled Eggplant" ("Bread" was about medium sized). After watching the process during the waiting period, I was amused by the girl's ineptitude when she put all the salad in it, folded it and cut it in half before remembering to put it on the wrapping paper. It was also quite small for something I paid 8 bucks for.
May 17 2006 - Like
Zoe I can make a sub in like 20 seconds! (Maybe not, but i'm still pretty fast) <img src="29images/smiles/cool.gif">
May 17 2006 - Like
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