Feeling Special for Watching

I went to AAMI Stadium for yet another Bulldogs loss in Adelaide.

Except this time they won, and it was awesome! Also they won by a lot and it made up for so many games were they just got thumped.

At the end, I stood in the grandstand clapping as the Port supporters who hadn't left at three quarter time trickled out. After the Bulldog's congratulated each other they walked to their cheer squad and clapped the remaining crowd. Then one of them looked towards my stand and did a fist pump right at me as I stood their clapping! As the only one left standing in that direction I felt very, very special :).

It more than made up for the $20 I tried and failed to put on the Bulldogs to win before the game, which puts that fist pump's value at over $24.50!


Zoe *fistpump*
May 16 2006 - Like
Brad *special*
May 16 2006 - Like
Gus who was it and how far away was he?
May 17 2006 - Like
Zoe Sif details are important! Brad got fistpumped! (That sounds totally ew)
May 17 2006 - Like
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