A Chowllaboration

I helped out Chow with some guest photos for his 'Chow's Schitzel of the Week' column over on jgkp.com. We're all just internet celebrities. I feel so famous!

You can view it here.


Sam What's that place around the block from the King Albert? <img src="29images/smiles/happy.gif">
May 18 2006 - Like
Gus You can't beat a shnitty from the Leicester. Apparently the Coopers Alehouse also has some decent shnitties. Maybe you could try there...
May 18 2006 - Like
Zoe *craving schnitzel*
May 18 2006 - Like
Sam Oooh, ads on 'How to Train Your Chow'. It's a pity the sites look suss.
May 19 2006 - Like
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