Growing Up All Over the Place

I'm pretty adamant that I don't want kids, ever. This is part of my
"work reasonably hard" and then "retire reasonably early" financial
plan that just won't work with more than one mouth to feed.

today on the train this guy got on with a baby. The baby sat in a pouch
around his chest and it had a little shield to screen the baby from
wind and weather. After getting out of the cold and onto the train, the
dad didn't push the shield down far enough and I spent 10 minutes
facing the cutest freaking baby ever just trying to peer over this tiny
wall and gazing so curious and innocently at everything on the train. I
was stopped mid sentence several times just in awww of the adorable
little guy in his teeny little coveralls.

So it made me think, I
still reckon I don't want kids but now I'm a little less certain. Maybe
I could change my mind? I might want a kid... I want that kid...


Gus Speaking of trains, did you see that guy who had a go at Laidley after the roos lost got hit by a train and died a bit later in the day? How's that for karma!!
May 31 2006 - Like
Brad He really should have come down to the rooms to see how much they were all hurting.
May 31 2006 - Like
Zippo Kidnap him! I'm still counting on you for September 11. I will hold it against you if you don't!
May 31 2006 - Like
Sam We can't lose anymore supporters <img src="images/smiles/sad.gif">, we have an MCG to fill in Round 14.
May 31 2006 - Like
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