And I guess this counts as Procrastination as well...

The problem with essays that have no due date is that it's hard to
effectively procrastinate. It's like having a while loop with no
stopping condition. I guess Lichtenstein owe that much to their FIFA
World Cup 2006 victory in professional mode this evening.

this essay is supposed to be a reflection of what I've learnt in my
time at work. A reflection of what I did during a period of time? By
golly that sounds like a giant journal entry for marks, really!
Unfortunately my bedtime rambling limit seems to stem at around 500
words and so it's been hard to truly pump out 3000 of poignant insight
and self-analysis that finally someone other than me will have to read. This essay should write itself.

even when I broke the essay down into so many sections and sub sections
that to meet the word limit I only needed to write 200 words about
fifteen unique things I do at work, I couldn't finish it. Furthermore
after inserting the notes from my log book, and dot points from my
speech I still can't do it. I guess the problems with essays that write
themselves is they, inevitably, don't end up writing themselves.

have uni tomorrow, I haven't even started yet and I am already up until
early hours of the morning doing assignments. I swear the air is
warmer, I love it!



This entry was fine.
I had a LOL.

July 27 2006 - Like

By golly! Sounds fun!

I think I will go have some milo cereal for breakfast <img src="images/smiles/happy.gif">

July 27 2006 - Like

Just to keep you updated, I got up this morning and the cleaner was
here so I decided against the milo cereal for breakfast and had some
salmon sushi for lunch as soon as I got to work. YUM! <img src="images/smiles/hyper.gif">

July 27 2006 - Like

Just to keep you updated I still haven't finished this essay :|

January 24 2007 - Like
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