The Day I fucked the Drought

It rained last night as I fell asleep.

When I washed my bowl that contained the weet-bix I put in my breakfast smoothie the water pressure was too high and angles led to my pants getting drenched.

When I got to work I tried to drink from my water bottle but the lid wasn't on properly and my shirt got soaked.

I got drunk on a Tuesday night and danced to SexyBack.




image 39 from

November 8 2006 - Like


<img src="">

November 8 2006 - Like

How hard a sudoku did you have to do to win that picture?

November 8 2006 - Like

Zippo has fully redeemed herself for anything ever.

November 8 2006 - Like

Where did you get that picture of me?

November 9 2006 - Like

It was a picture file in your stolen Sidekick.

November 9 2006 - Like

I've never heard SexyBack.

November 10 2006 - Like
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