It is nice to come back to my comfy kneel chair and deliver this, my 600th entry on the site. The last 8 days I spent in Queensland and for the most part I didn't actually do anything. It was pretty awesome and gave me some time to reflect on what has been a pretty relentless year without having to continue dealing with those things.

So what would be more appropriate for my 600th entry than to share the few Bradisms I came up with over the week and saved as drafts in my phone? I don't think I meant for that to be a sentence!

"A week is a long time."
As far as fractions go, 1/52 is pretty insignifcant, yet so much can change.

"You can't change your past, you can't control the future, you can only make the best decision with the information and values you have in the present."
I think Hugh Jackman said this in a movie I saw a few weeks ago. It seemed pretty poignant when I was drunk.

"My problem is that I'm so adept at complex things yet so satisfied by simple things."
Eating a cucumber and chicken sandwich and playing Sudoku is just so goddamn fulfiling.

"Your greatest insights in life will be ruined when you knock over the glasses on the table."
I knocked over a whole jug after I saved that draft.

"Ironing your shirt for Monday before the weekend can reduce the depression over weekend loss on Sunday night dramatically."
I used the time I saved to shave.

Happy 600th entry, website :)


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