An insight into what it's like living in my brain

I walked towards my car in the uni car park, humming a little as I felt my muscles all begin contract and shudder as the gym cooldown began. A few hours earlier I'd been humming Mr. Brightside (or at least the Thin White Duke remix of it) and walking in the opposite direction. Sub-consciously I recalled this and by the time I'd turned my key in the ignition that random tune had come full circle and I was back into the chorus in almost perfect timing with my stereo, which started back up as I reversed from my spot.

Heading down the hill I looked up at my mirror and noticed I'd skewed it when I was getting in and I was now staring into my backseat. I reached up to adjust it.
'My life is a lot like adjusting a rear-view mirror...' came the voice in my head.

"No, goddamnit, it isn't just like that at all" I muttered aloud.

'I can see a lot of similarities between the way I drive fast-paced through dark, wet streets the way a rabbit would bolt through similar forests chased by a fox. The only difference is the technology. It's the music. I'm a lot like a rabbit..'

"BULLSHIT!" I reminded myself again as I was passing around the final leg of the course to my house.

'My life is a lot like my brain, always coming up with poetic metaphors that are unappreciated by others.'

"No!" I heard my voice again. "Your life is not like anything special. If it is like anything it's basically like According to Jim because really it's just self gratifying and inconsequential. It's completely devoid of interest and humour."

`Mum, Dad! Please don't fight!`

"Am I taking the piss?"

'Not me, I thought that one was a good one.'

"For once can I just drive home without my minding going off into literary masturbation? Can't I just think about sports and how much I need to pee and, you know, normal things?" The windscreen humidified subtlety from the force of my breath.

I was surprised I didn't get a response.

'I wonder if I will get pee shy when I get home if the painter is still working on the hall?'


'Has to happen now, I've thought about it.'

"FUCK! Shut Up! Just shut up and stop thinking stupid things about stupid things and metaphors about bullshit! Just think like a normal person! Jesus!"

'... I'm not Jesus, I'm only your internal monologue...'

`I am Jesus.`


`Just shittin' ya`

I hate you brain.



*backs away quietly*

May 23 2007 - Like

Ha ha! Thats what makes you Brad! ;-)

May 26 2007 - Like
Kevin Pietersen

haha, I wish I was Jesus

June 14 2007 - Like
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