I Love Big Bulks and I Cannot Lie

There is a Women's Health magazine now. It's Men's Health, but for women. It's essentially the same but with the sex tips removed and marriage tips replacing them. From what I understand. It's being launched in Australia soon.

This is bad. I feel like Men's Health gives me a gender advantage because unlike most other men's magazines, and all women's magazines, it seems genuinely interested in presenting me with scientifically backed tips. Now women will have this advantage and be healthy and also get strong as well.

Actually, I don't mind this. Bulk on, ladies. Bulk on.



Spent 2 hours on my fitness in the gym to celebrate this journal entry.

September 19 2007 - Like
Kevin Pietersen

I love Men's Health. I read it whenever I can.

September 19 2007 - Like
Kevin Pietersen

I'm not really a fan of bulky women though...

September 22 2007 - Like
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