Post-BULKTEMBER Checklist

With it almost reaching the start of October - obvious what with all the rain - it means BULKTEMBER is also coming to an end. Officially that conclusion is October 6 as it is a struggle to fit a six week plan into weak and skinny September.
Nevertheless, that day is approaching quickly and it's time to start thinking about what needs to be done following that last gym session and final Up&Go Energize.

  • One week off weights, to allow my body to recover
  • Shower
  • Yell really loudly for a moment
  • Take "after" photos
  • Come up with new journal theme for next month (POOLTober? Beachvember?)
  • Rescue an old lady's cat, receive an apple pie as a reward and be shown on the news shirtless and tanned.

I can't wait!


The Tom

i believe that you deserve a BINGEtober. And use that muscle getting into fights at the Grand on Sunday nights. In a BRAWLvember.

September 28 2007 - Like

You can use your newly found buffness to get laid a lot in COCKtober.

September 28 2007 - Like

Woktober? Where you... i dunno.

September 28 2007 - Like
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