Mario Kart Echoes

I was driving this evening, leaving the gym in the kind of mental stupour where less essential brain functions are dimmed while my body concentrates on muscle replenishing and on drinking an Up&Go.

It's on these trips that I often find myself muttering things to the cabin about me while my inner monologue boots back up. Tonight I heard the words "I love traffic lights" come out and I paused a moment and thought... Why did I say that?

After pondering I realised one of the many super-efficient applications running on my OS is traffic light awareness software. I can seemingly calculate traffic-signal patterns with high degrees of accuracy based only on instinct and the time of day. I doubt I am the only one, but sometimes I feel like a traffic light genius when I'm ready to go the moment before the green light appears while everyone besides me clunks into action a second after it, like a drunk having his first go at Guitar Hero. Is it my idiosyncrasy or just a characteristic?

Whatever this attribute is categorised as, my brain seems to place more importance on it than it does inner monologue.


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