Earth Hour 08

For those in the dark, Earth Hour was a government/media funded awareness stunt to promote the cause to reduce carbon emissions. To this end all people and businesses of Australia were encouraged to save energy by switching off all lights between 8pm and 9pm tonight. The promotion started in Sydney during the week with the ironic launch of a giant hot air balloon shaped like a light globe.

My opinion of Earth Hour:
On my own - boring.
After other people came to my house - entertaining.
While driving to the pub - dangerous.


keryn My local radio station instigated the "throw a leg over for nova" campaign in order to occupy people during earth hour. What a great idea I thought... but when I realised I had no leg action on the horizon I decided to quietly protest... so I watched telly with all the lights on whilst ironing. What an entertaining Saturday night <img src="./images/smiles/sad.gif"> I showed them.
March 30 2008 - Like
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