I'm not a kid anymore

I woke up and found this on the kitchen bench this morning and the first thing I thought was "that looks delicious"

image 472 from bradism.com



Looks like that "you are what you eat" show with that Gillian woman who looks like she needs a jolly good feed. So what time would you like us round for dinner??? We'll bring a 5lb chocolate mud cake to compliment the greenery!!!

May 6 2008 - Like

I didn't even get to eat most of this. I went out drinking..

May 6 2008 - Like

It has taken nearly 20 years! You don't know how thrilled I am to hear that you now like vegies! Yah! I know you also have embraced the wholemeal food group too which means I can start eating the way I used to and the way I want with the added pleasure of you enjoying it as well. Love Mum

May 7 2008 - Like
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