Dear Diary

Well, I feel like sharing this with the internet. It's about Mario Galaxy on Wii. I've been playing it a bit recently and aside from one entry about it's influence on the meaning of life it's gone a bit underrated. That's probably because I did underrate it. I mean it was fun and all, but I couldn't tell if I was getting all the stars and solving all the puzzles because it was infectiously fun or if that was just my OCDish tendencies peeking through.

I've read a few reviews of the game and they've all raved about it, but I never really saw why Galaxy was essential gaming. Until tonight when I tackled The Sinking Lava Spire in the Melty Molten Galaxy and experienced the perfect blend of platform gaming, clock beating, puzzle solving and breathtaking, cutesy graphics that tickled my fancy so much that I felt compelled to immediately journal this feeling.

I recommend this game.


Kevin Pietersen

Thanks for the advice Brad, I will go buy it!

May 24 2008 - Like
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