Today was one of those days which seem to be really long because they're broken up into many separate chunks. I like these days. I go to bed with a sense of accomplishment even though I lived the same amount of hours. But each of those hours are divided into different contexts.

But.. I worked my 8 hours today? How could I possibly have fit so much into a day with a one event/eight hour handicap?

Well, first, I made my breakfast smoothie on Sunday night, left it in the blender in the fridge outside and instead of spending six minutes preparing it this morning I spent just 30 seconds mixing it. This was freaking awesome. It didn't taste quite as good as it does fresh, but the sweet taste of five minutes extra sleep every day will more than make up for that.

However the true secret to my day's achievements was through breaking up the work day by scheduling meetings. Lots of meetings. And they were good meetings today! First, at 11AM, I met with my old PM who had offered a new opportunity to work in an Applications role again. This made me excited. I will be thrust into the testing sphere (exactly as sexual as it sounds) where I can apply my uni education (use cases, so much Visio-ing) and then hopefully engulf a .NET developing opportunity.

Then at 1PM I met with Dad for lunch and to make use of soon to expire Entertainment Book vouchers. There we discussed opportunities and the IT Industry in general terms and I ate a half decent kangaroo fillet.

At 3:15PM I had another meeting with my current PM about me transitioning into the new role. Which he has been really cool in helping me get to. And he also bought me a coffee.

After that there was no more meetings planned and the rest of the afternoon was spent at my Level 9 vantage point watching a hopefully not symbolic thunderstorm descend onto the city from the sea. After work I emerged to the dark city streets and ran through the rain to my surprise next meeting - Johnno on the train. We chatted about life and Supermild and music. I got off at my station and drove to the gym, smashing down a Mother as I swept past rain. More smashing of exercises was done and then home. Here I have written a new review for Rip It Up, busted out a 2005esque journal entry and now I'm about to fall asleep watching cricket.


Kevin Pietersen

The England V New Zealand test I hope!

May 27 2008 - Like
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