Every Silver Lining has a Dark Cloud

I have to say that after a few taps on the steering wheel of life to point me in new directions yesterday, coupled with binging on the first ten months of 2005 entries before bed last night, I was feeling good today.

2005 was a fantastic year. I was fit and healthy and though I was dealt a good serve of challenges I took them all in my stride, grew a little and had a lot of fun. So when I went about life today I tried to inhale a little bit of that 2005 spirit into the things I did. I aimed to be more personal, and less insecure. I intended to write more and be more confident! I felt charged, like this was a turning point.

Before tonight was up I decided to pick up reading where I left off last night - November 2005 - and to do that I clicked the archive link for 2007 and was about to reduce the year argument a couple of digits when the first post grabbed my attention. And as I read through the month I realised that the same feelings, the same intentions of confidence, direction and extroversion I was having today I was writing about having last six months ago.

And then when I did get to November 2005 I realised the same thing had happened again. I was more skittish and unsure about my future then than I thought that year. And in 2005 as the summer sun first came out I was making the same vows and self-evaluations. It became clear to me that every year I seem to cycle from - to steal a life experience from a baby turtle - shell to the great wide sea. Only to every year wake up and find myself digging out of the sand again. So I had an epiphany but it seemed so useless now.

But, the difference is, this year I'm getting my groove back way before Summer.


Kevin Pietersen good to see the groove is back!
May 29 2008 - Like
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