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As my man Pos from De La Soul once rapped "Sometimes the body needs to feel stress to appreciate the joy". I heard this thesmorning in my car as I crawled along South rd listening to my Happy Hip Hop Mixtape. It was about 8:15 AM and I was for some reason already dressed and on my way to work! That reason was team breakfast, something I begrudgingly accepted to attend at 8:30 in the morning because the team is pretty cool and, hey, free breakfast!
What I didn't expect, having spent the last year catching the 8:50 train and enjoying the freedom of working 9ish to 5ish is that by God the roads are busy at 8am. I naively believed that, after I missed the train because of the traffic jam leading to the station, I would be able to cruise to work because I was up so early the streets should be deserted. Instead it took me almost an hour to drive and arrive at 8:45am whereas when I leave at 8:45am I get to town at ten past nine!

So, considering my morning was waking up early plus an hour of creeping in traffic all while being grumpily hungry, I should have been pissed. But, I wasn't, because while listening to my Happy Hip Hop mixtape all the way through, twice, I realised it was days like today that made me appreciate all the other days I have where I get to work with no hassle. Anyway, that's what cut a smile across my face today.


A2 That is what I like to see, always looking for the smarties amoung the broccoli! n
May 30 2008 - Like
Kevin Pietersen I love broccoli. Good for the abs.
May 31 2008 - Like
Kevin Pietersen I have been listening to a bit of De La Soul lately. Good music indeed.
June 9 2008 - Like
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