I have a new phone. My ringtone is the Pac Man theme. It's inspired me to play Pac Man and listen to ”Mope” by the Bloodhound Gang.
I bought Petrol yesterday for 95.5c a litre. This is compared to the $1.08 it was last week. It was cheap on the weekend too. Petrol purchasing is like riding the stock market. You gotta take risks to make money. Thing with petrol price riding is that it takes so long to actually make any money. 98c a litre compared to 94c, when you fill up 30 litres say, that's only a $1.20 saving. And that's in Australian dollars. So it takes a lot of work through the whole year to save up big cash. And that's why when you run red on an expenisve day it sets you back so far. But then you're like ”Ayy, Stock Market” and you start wearing a business suit everytime you fill up.


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