I didn't do it

It was close to 8pm on a Friday afternoon and the last light of summer sun was dimming. I lay in my hammock, happily tripping the land between awake and asleep. I hadn't been to work this whole week, but it had been a span of days more stressful than many where I had.
Suddenly I was startled by a rap on the door. Stumbling from the hammock my bleary eyes first looked out the opening, then down. There, on my doorstep stood two of the most serious faced stubbies I've ever seen.
'Can I help you?' I asked.
'Detective Hahn,' he said squarely. 'This is my partner, Detective Superdry. We're from homicide, and we'd like to ask you a few questions.'
So I let them in. And I answered the questions. Being on probation from my killing spree I hadn't much choice. But, although they had the weapon and knew the motive they couldn't prove anything.
I was innocent. And hating it.


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