Duncan Robinson Tops

In today's helping of irony I discovered that double tapping the unlock button on my car's remote central locking makes all the windows go down.

Just in time for winter.


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There is considerable overlap between the electives I studied at university and the types of podcasts I listen to nearly twenty years later. I do wonder if my 18 year old self stumbled onto the perfect combination of subject matters to equip me for success in the twenty-first century.

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Have I outgrown my childhood love for Lego?

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Winter is over! As well as another three months of me making a video every day.

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Back in February I chopped up some spring onion I bought for a dollar so I could make some homemade bolani in my terrible wok. Instead of throwing out the root base of the onion I tried to do something I saw on the internet, which was to put it in a glass of water on the windowsill so that it would grow some more spring onion for eating later.

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