Last night I cooked sausages on a BBQ in subzero winds, and today I ate them at 110km an hour.

This morning we had breakfast in Blackheath's grand canyon.

Then two Coles Express coffees later (actually, very reasonable for the price) we arrived for sunset in Port Macquarie. I tried using the "animal" and "bird" autofocus features of my new camera.


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Next Entry: Road Trip Feelings

Most of my entries so far this holiday have been about what I've seen, but not much about how I've felt. I've driven for over 24 hours already since Saturday which has actually been mentally fascinating, one of my hidden human senses is an instinct as to how far from home I am.

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Have I outgrown my childhood love for Lego?

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After nine days of driving, relaxing, hiking and driving some more today I reached what most certainly was the furthest point of the road trip. From Lower Beechmont I drove up the very long, extremely windy Lamington National Park Road to Green Mountains - an experience both twisty and magnificent.

Previous Entry: Grose Head South Lookout

Took a long walk for this nice lookout and a couple of chicken and salad rolls. On the way back to Blackheath we stopped at the Hydro Majestic Hotel which half lived up to its name (it was raining again).

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