Eclipsed by a Train

23 now and got sunny days for my birthday.
Saw a lunar eclipse tonight; howled. University security guard was not impressed.
24 can blocks of Schweppes and Pepsi varieties are on sale at Woolworths this week for just $6.96. That is just 29c a can! Stock up now for sunny days and cooling down security guards.
'Brad' is the 26,895th most used word in the English language, ranking just below malignancy and just above towelling. 'Sex' is the highest most queried word when it comes to the internet checking the most commonly used words in the English Language.
Four orphaned baby hedgehogs in Hampshire, England now confuse a cleaning brush for their dead mother.

To Do Tomorrow: Investigate if hedgehogs are allowed as pets.

To Do Tomorrow: Investigate if hedgehogs are allowed as pets.


Pachyderm They are! I have one!
July 22 2008 - Like
Brad One less thing for me to worry about :)
July 22 2008 - Like
Kevin Pietersen Well thank fuck Pachyderm is here to save us. Hey everyone! Pachyderm has one! Fuck me, we can all sleep better now. Thanks Pachyderm.
July 23 2008 - Like
Brad Shut Up KP, just because you can't get a start against the Saffers don't mean you can take out your rage on my public.
July 23 2008 - Like
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