Office Choreography

My work might not be that exciting or creative, however there's one thing that keeps me coming back to the office each day: the choreography. I'm talking about the natural, white collar dance that occurs between cubicles. The last few months I've been down on it because skies have been gloomy and my wrist has been tender making me hesitant about flaying it into things. Now the sun is peaking out - today between showers - and it's cabaret season.

The day starts with with the lift-ride Irish-dance as suits, polos and call centre employees with logo tees keep their arms to their side and shuffle to the back and sides of the elevator to the cue of the floors lighting up. At first it seems random, however the viewer can soon pick up on the subtleties that add beauty to the maneuvers, the influence of levels of politeness, the symmetry.

Yet that's nothing compared to the spectacle of the kitchenette Sirtaki around first coffee time. Impeccable timing is the trademark of a routine that sees up to six people zag around and between the others in the shoebox sized kitchen, sliding through narrow gaps to reach the fridge and spinning in unison to allow the person at the bench to use the sink and arsy versy. It almost compares to the traditional Scottish folk dance that is 12 people simultaneously leaving the same small meeting room.

It isn't all showtime though, and the attention to detail throughout the entire day's performance adds up. The flamboyant side step and spin to align an ID card with a scanner and then continuing the move with a shimmy through the security door is particularly popular and graceful. The Hip Hop moves when using paper towel to dry hands, and then depositing it in the trash - in an empty bathroom - also brings smiles. Not to mention the passing in a narrow cubicle corridor tango; the empty lift mosh and the 5pm cha-cha-cha as you take the first steps out the door.

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