Every 4 years something special happens. Somehow I get a copy of FIFA
World Cup for PC and I spend hours obsessively playing it and swearing
at it until I win the world cup with some obscure nation.

after I've waited 32 years Australia made the world cup. This is in
real life as well as the game. I went and watched it last night at New
Yorks with Angus and some others and it was
entertaining, intense and probably the only good game of soccer I've
ever seen. There were a lot of soft free kicks and softer players
taking dives, much to the ire and moans of the Australian supporters in
the bar. It really ruined the game, why did they have to be easily
upset about it? What sport did they think they were coming to watch?


Zoe You've been waiting 32 years? That means you're 32! THAT MEANS YOU REALLY ARE TOPPER! (lolz) Alot of the Japan players seem to be big wusses, it's fun to giggle at them.
June 14 2006 - Like
Zippo I bet the Chinese would kick ass at the World Cup because their rice paddy sculpted legs would be all strong and shit.
June 14 2006 - Like
Gus 3-1!! FUCK YEAH!!!!
June 15 2006 - Like
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