Bradismlocks was taking a walk through a winter and came upon a house in a wet, cold part of the space-time continuum. This was very tiring. In the house there were three months. Bradismlocks tried June, which was amazing - it was warm, and there was a lot of adventure and delicious foods and not much joint pain. "This month is too awesome," said Bradismlocks. Next month was July. July was cold, dark, filled with work and not much adventure. "This month is too not-awesome," said Bradismlocks.

Bradismlocks tried the third month - August. The bed was not just right. The porridge was not just right. The chairs were not just right. Bradismlocks realised with horror that June was actually just right and that it was not possible to go back. At least now August was over, along with this journal entry...

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The woman with the fake tan stepped into my office, sat across from my desk and lit a cigarette.
At least, she would, sometime in the next 20 minutes. Smelling the future has advantages, but precision isn’t one of them.


I added better image zoom and optimisation to Bradism today, after June 2023 cracked 100mb page load. Other than that, nights are essentially as above.

Magnesium and Iron

There was a study this week that showed a correlation between consumption of magnesium and brain size. I was pleased to read this because, as the Bradism archives will attest, I am a huge almond stan. Unfortunately, I cannot find the exact entry from my early life where I discovered the benefits of almonds (by trying to eat half a kilogram of them on a train ride home) because a lot of my older entries are removed due to my childhood ignorance and dumb opinions.

Of course, having consumed more reasonable volumes of almonds in the decades following, I instantly correlated that my dumb childhood Bradisms might actually have been because of my low almond consumption! It would explain a lot, like my terrible grammar back then. And driving a VK Commodore until 2007.

The passing of time can cloud a lot. I think I've been remembering myself as a smart kid, but now with context maybe I've only become smart since I started eating almonds?

I assume that a larger brain size results in higher intelligence. I only read the headline of the study.

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Version Two

At the start of the summer of 05/06 I successfully won a programming job as a sole contractor to develop a website for a guy who posted on my University IT's message group looking for programmers. As I had literally implemented v1 a few months earlier I felt confident I had the experience with which to deliver a complete content management system with payment gateway integration and dynamic language selection among other features in eight weeks. This was not the first time a combination of ego, ignorance and she'llberight got me into trouble, and what I eventually delivered as "95% complete" (and therefore 5% underpaid) would undoubtedly be some of the worst PHP code that was every put into a live environment and exposed to the internet.

Over the years I sometimes thought about that site, which searches on Ask Jeeves confirmed did not seem to exist for very long. However, the experience was foundational in quickly teaching me a few critical lessons about using things like supported libraries and unit tests and source code management and a multitude of other IT concepts that are now part of my life as an IT Professional.

When I was signing the contract for my new job last month I did notice that the group which owns the company I was joining bore the same name as the guy who'd hired me seventeen years ago. I poked around quickly online to see if there was a connection, but it seemed like I was clear. Then today in the kitchenette I bumped into a seventeen years older version of that guy who definitely did remember me. He told me that the site was up for less than a month before high data bills triggered him to check the status of it and he found it had been completely hacked and was now serving copious amounts of pornography at his expense. Thus, it died. I would guess either an image upload exploit or maybe some SQL injection was its downfall.

So apparently he has, at least indirectly, hired me again. Maybe this is fate, or perhaps it is just Adelaide things. Perhaps the seeds of those lessons from 2006 will be the fruit that repays him in 2022. That would make me feel better about the fact that my adult life features a goddamn seventeen year story arc.

And yes, the original version of also got completely hacked in 2006 and now utilises supported libraries and frameworks.


As I have been back from holidays for five days and haven't done any coding for more than that, plus now that I have a new camera, tonight I decided to eat a Maxibon and add full screen overlay mode for large images on my site.


I have a 2022 Keep note with a list of potential journal entry titles, and after a while it became a list of journal entries that I didn't get around to writing.

This list includes "Yest We Forgot" - which was some thoughts I had after seeing a little war memorial in the suburbs last ANZAC day with no wreaths on it, as well as a note admonishing me for not writing a review of Phil Jackson's autobiography "11 Rings".

It also had an entry called "Crossroads" which was a hint to start me writing a potential entry in late May about if it was time for to make a left or right turn, maybe start writing more entries about evaluating your API Strategy and ways to assess an organisation's integration maturity. Given that June's entries focused mainly on injuries, zooper doopers, the weather and photos of the garden it's clear that ploughed on straight ahead without slowing to yield, and my decision not to reflect on my decision at these crossroads seems justified as I didn't hit anything and I'm still going in the same direction. What the fuck am I talking about? I got acquired by a big consulting firm, I tried working for a big consulting firm, I decided I preferred working for small consulting firms and so after a few months of business development, pitches and invoicing I had my last day today. Well, officially my last day is in two weeks, but I have some leave to take between now and then. During which we're going for a road trip which, due to Adelaide being a long road away from anywhere, will involve a lot of roads, but not many crossroads.

The Things I Do

If it's the March long weekend, and there are production and provisioning changes happening for multiple clients, then...

This is obviously the perfect time for me to also deploy to production the latest version of

I mean, I've got the equivalent of over one working hands to juggle these things.

In all seriousness, writing last minute features such as dynamically scaling the CSS padding of entries over faded image backgrounds when viewed on mobile was important.

If it wasn't, what is my life really even for?

End If

Developing News

Life as an IT Professional has had its contrasts lately.

Some days I feel really fulfilled as a I contribute meaningfully as both an architect and engineer, delivering software which improves education outcomes for children, or maintains the pillars of justice within our society.

Other days I spend literally hours writing PHP code so that I can use a background image in entries and have it fade into the background in whatever position I want it to. This is so I can create entries on my phone with photo backgrounds without having to open Photopea and creating a gradient.

Is this a good use of my time?

image 2322 from

You tell me.
image 2323 from

It's not like I spent my whole weekend programming in a dark room. On Saturday morning I rode my bike to the Central Markets, had an iced latte and stocked up on salad. In the evening we drove to Moana for a picnic and a walk along the sand. On Sunday morning we strolled along the river and I watched Nash eat the cream out of a mini chocolate éclair.

I didn't take photos of any of this...

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