The Tour's Final Destination

Tonight's schnitzel review pretty much epitomised the whole endeavour. It started out with a few people - Tim and Me went shopping for beanies - but by the end it was a thriving social event. I started out famished, but by the final review my thirst for schnitzel was long since satiated.

It has been five hours since I finished eating that schnitzel and only now do I feel like the constraints of my stomach are no longer being breached. I don't know if there is some schnitzel-like equivalent of a hangover but I will probably have one of those tomorrow.

Vow to self: Never eat schnitzel again.

Montage of schnitzel related memories

Update, 3:47am: Yes, this does seem like the kind of thing I would spend 3 schnitzel fuelled hours making.


Judy Nice montage! Well worth the effort. Wish I could have gone. Glad your not dead.
May 26 2007 - Like
Tim Tidy work :-)
May 30 2007 - Like
Kevin Pietersen How good was that schnitt from the Ale House!!!
June 14 2007 - Like
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