I did 5 Chin-Ups Today

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want to BULKTEMBER UP, this is especially true. But in this age of desk jobs and cheese supreme Doritos who really has time to make a healthy breakfast every day? You, that's who! With the power of your blender and Brad's BULKTEMBER guide to Breakfast Smoothies.

A Breakfast Smoothie is a quick and easy way of getting a solid breakfast inside you in under seven minutes! If you've ever seen the healthy food pyramid on the side of a box of cereal, you will essentially be building one of those in your stomach.

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The ingredients for most of the year are:

  • 6 Ice Cubes
  • 50g Mixed Berries
  • 3.5 Weet Bix
  • 200ml Skim Milk
  • 150g No Fat, Low Sugar Yogurt
  • 30g WPI Protein Supplement
  • 1tsp Natural Peanut Butter

In Summer it is nice to make it more seasonal: add tropical fruits instead of berries and substitute extra protein powder and honey for the peanut butter.
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First, grind the hard things into powder for 15 seconds on crush. I don't have time to get 50g of berries out to defrost each night, so I add them in with the ice to be ground into frosty paste. The ice is great because it cools the whole smoothie down allowing faster consumption.
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Add the milk evenly between the blender jug and the Weet Bix which you will crush and put in a bowl. microwave this for 30 seconds to make them soggy. While microwaving add the yogurt, protein mix and peanut butter to the blender.

BULKY FACT: The Difference Between Natural and Regular Peanut Butter
There isn't much difference between regular peanut butter and the natural kind that you find in the health food section of supermarkets. Natural is 100% crushed peanuts. When corporations get their hands on it they add some extra sugar and just a slight dose of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil - otherwise known as trans fat. You know, that chemically engineered fat that the human body can't break down and leads to coronary heart disease? Why add this deadly killer to peanut butter? Because it helps the oil bind more naturally throughout the product. If you buy natural peanut butter you'll have to stir, but your arteries will say it's worth it in your sixties.

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By now the microwave will have chimed, so bring the Weet Bix back and serve into the jug using the same spoon you used to stir and scoop the peanut butter (this saves on washing!). Finally, scrape the ice and berries from the sides of the jug into the warm mix below, then stir. Put the lid on and blend with liquefy for 60 seconds. This will purée your breakfast nicely and give you enough time to put all the ingredients away.
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I have started keeping the card from each box of Weet Bix on the top of the window frame in our kitchen, just above my blender. Each image of a successful and bulky athlete motivates every morning. Also it is just too high for mum to reach and take them down. The photo of pandas isn't from Weet Bix, it's actually to a postcard written by the Oma and Opa of whoever lived at this house twenty years ago. They're in China this week and they had bamboo for lunch. Smoothies are better than bamboo.
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Slam your breakfast smoothie down like a man; cups are for girls. This also saves on washing up and keeps breakfast under your seven minute time limit. Rinse the jug to stop Weet Bix from baking on, then run to the station to catch your train. Use the time you save to sleep an extra five minutes and enjoy the extra boost of somatotropin that will be released during your period of unconsciousness.


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