It was sunny today. Lots of people were playing sports. I walked across the road to take photos of some weekend warriors and learn more about focussing on fast moving objects.

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The woman with the fake tan stepped into my office, sat across from my desk and lit a cigarette.
At least, she would, sometime in the next 20 minutes. Smelling the future has advantages, but precision isn’t one of them.

Going Places Fast

I've started going to the gym again. My new gym is about two kilometres from my house, separated by mainly grass and a bridge over a river. I jog most of the way there and back each time I visit, to warm up and cool down.

I've done a lot of jogging and running in my life, but very rarely have I run with the express purpose of running to somewhere. Almost every day I see people running around in circles, running around after balls and running on the same spot. It is a completely different feeling running to somewhere. Especially when run past someone walking to the same place as you, and you realise how much faster you are getting somewhere than the person who is walking.

I think this is probably hard to empathise with, but I think it's someone everyone should try if they can. You only need to find a way to wrap everything you need to carry around your neck and fit it into your pockets.

After the 3pm meeting someone had stolen the sun

It's sunrise season. I haven't taken a photo of one yet, probably because I rarely have an eastern horizon. I feel like I deserve one though. Because, it was dark this morning and I was tired. And I had the unpleasant experience of doing a big yawn at the same time as I tried to spray my underarm with deodorant.

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Been Waiting So Long

I had the dream again...

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No, not that one.
The one where I wreck my wrist and the first thing I do when I wake up is panic that I've fucked it.

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I saw my a surgeon today for hopefully (no journal jinxing) the last time. Being a surgeon sure seems like being an awesome job.

"I'm going to cut open your body, dick around a bit, maybe hack this bit off and stick it here with a staple. Does that sound ok? I'll only charge a few thousand dollars."

Seventeen months later.

"Hi. Wow, look at your wrist. I did a really awesome job on this. I really impress myself sometimes! That'll be a hundred dollars."

Losing your hand doesn't really hold the same significance for Lego dudes.

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So I feel good. Today I went to the gym. Tomorrow I'm going to win basketball against the top team. I can move on and embrace the future. Yay!

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Hang In There

Happy Halfwinter Internet!

Things I want to take Photos of

  • Animals at the Zoo
  • Frost
  • View of Torrens/City at night from Frome rd
  • The EDS building before it becomes the HP Building
  • Stuff at the Royal Adelaide Show
  • Close up of paint-texture and strong lines - hard to explain...
  • More colours in winter, particularly a shot of the pedal boats at Jolley's Boathouse, on a wet day with the warm lightpost on King William St Bridge in the foreground and stormclouds in the background.
  • Plus anything I can turn into a phocumentary with the use of cute captions.

  • Doesn't End with a Euphemism

    I have bought new books this week, still trying to undo the damage from when I scoffed at my English professor when he said "good writers read a lot". Except me, obviously, I'm an exception! And the man spent his spare time writing poetry on a typewriter! This was only six years ago.

    Then, instead of reading the books I took a photo of them, because sometimes I forgot which of my hobbies I'm trying to use to distract myself from my office job.

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    I walked to that office job faster than I ever have before this morning. I forgot my jacket, you see. It was sunny on the way home though, which made it feel like a victory in some ways. I don't know how I forgot a jumper. Before I left the house I was all ready to change my FaceBook status to "It's so cold you can see my nipples through my hoodie."

    I don't think phrases like that are ever going to get my book into somebody's lightbox.

    Hungry Photos

    It was beautiful and foggy on Monday morning. I went walking to work at 8:30 and everything everywhere was completely photoesque. So, of course, I got up early and took photos the next day.

    There was no frost today, but there was fog (or at least haze) and dew.

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    I'd like to take pictures of spring now, please.

    Warning Signs

    My brain has been making mental adjustments lately and I've only just realised it. Over the last few years my perceptions have been creeping.
    Pubs and clubs are so loud now, louder than they ever have been or were before. They also play a lot of techno music. This music just seems repetitive and annoying. Back when I was a teenager I had 30 gigs of trance vinyls alone (on an 80 gig hard drive. I remember when 80 gigs was a massive hard drive). Also, speaking of drives, people drive so fast these days. Why can't they slow down? Kids these days don't seem to get what life is about. I forget where I was going with this...


    I can't contain how entertained I am by my new gadget super powers. Right now there's a laptop next to our TV, it has some independent cinema and Linux ISOs that I downloaded on it. It also has a mapped network drive to a folder on my other PC which contains backups of the many CDs I own legitimately. If I want to play any of this media I can, using my phone, from anywhere I can access my wireless network.

    This means that as I walk through the front gate I can program Big Country's The Crossing to start playing and walk into the living room to that thunderous opening chorus! Then I can watch whatever episode of The Office Ubuntu Installer I left torrenting before I left.

    Of course, this has a few dependencies, like that both my computers, my stereo and my TV are all running while I'm at work earning the money for their power bills. And that my dicky wireless internet doesn't drop out or my phone doesn't go flat during the day. But who would have imagined even 134 and a half years ago that you could do this with a phone. No one!