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I was woken at 0630 this morning by the daily whinging of the rebooted HLT142VMI00A for last time. After two weeks of talking fast into a mobile phone I have almost all my client handover done. All that I really have left to do this week is enter my final timesheet entries, hand in my laptop and write a meaningful farewell email to BCC to everyone I can remember working with or for in the past five and a half years.
Friday is my official last day, and I have two weeks to rest, reflect and prepare for what should be a glorious and brutal return to office life.

Working purely from home the past six months has had many pros and cons. I have developed an addiction to preparing thickly stacked sandwiches for lunch each day; monstrous, appetizing structures free from the deforming of a morning spent shrink-wrapped. I think I will miss that the most. Con: the only way I'm getting a goodbye cake is if the postman can squeeze it inside our narrow, unforgiving mailbox. Assuming someone posted me one.

Pro: I'll have more interactions with other people. Con: I'll have more interactions with other people.

Lesson's learned from being a teleworker: try and fit a walk in everyday, don't grow a moustache, don't eat cereal for every meal of the day no matter how tempting it is, claim random things on tax, try and do at least two walks on the days you eat five bowls of cereal.


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