It's 2012, and while power outages happen less frequently now than they did before, they still happen. Nothing makes you feel more like you're living in the 1800's than a blackout at night.

After our power went off at 8:30pm I suppose I could have been like the rest of Sydney, crying out in anguish as their flat screen TVs flickered to black, moaning in the streets, blaming the state government. Instead I realised the silver lining, and I settled in on the couch to read a book with my kindle app. And then I thought to myself "I could go a cup of tea." Too bad the power's off, oh wait no it's not, because we have gas and a saucepan! I am the smartest fucker alive.

As I poured the boiled water into my mug by torchlight I felt superior, because I know for sure that in a post-technological future (or, in event of time-rip, past) I will excel. I felt so good about this that I wrote this all out on my smartphone so I could post it on my web journal. Then my phone went flat. Then I was bored. Then the power came back on. Longest fifteen minutes ever.


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