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I shaved today, my first clean chin as a 36 year old, in preparation for what's not coincidentally my first day in the office as a 36 year old tomorrow. This morning I also mowed the lawn for the first time as a 36 year old. Both jobs turned out about as good as each other. The edges need work.

I hit my first three pointer as a 36 year old a couple of weeks ago. Priorities.

Vanessa and I went for a springtime bike ride through the industrial areas of north-west Adelaide today, along with nicer places like the beach, and we inserted a burger on the grass in the middle of twenty-seven kilometres. That was nice.

Speaking of 36, I noticed on the back of our 36 pack of toilet paper that the advertised benefits of this particular brand of coronavirus preventative included the registered trademark "CleanRipple".

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I stared at this and I wondered if this was just marketing spin or if Kleenex had actually spent money on R&D to come up with this technology. That would make for one hell of a patent application to read, or - as I'm more likely to be found doing these days - skim through and pay attention only to the diagrams.

Without my stubble and lawn, I don't feel 36.


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