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Right now one of my biggest fears is that, if I don't remember something that happened to me, then it might not have happened. And if I didn't do any things, maybe I don't exist? But a lot of the things I do don't seem exciting enough to journal about. They were exciting enough that I wanted them to happen though. So I'll document some of them here to ensure they did happen in the future.

I rode my bike to Semaphore and got a nice coffee from High Tide which I drank on the beach.

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We went to The Archer in North Adelaide and I ordered the most expensive per gram steak they had for dinner because I could. I also got a free pint of Pirate Life thanks to OzBargain.

I saw Chow and he cooked me a double cheese burger and then we both lost Settlers of Catan to Alex.

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I ate two cherry tomatoes that I grew in the backyard.

I went to Semaphore with Vanessa and we walked on the sand in the sunshine.

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I rowed the furthest I've ever rowed, 3018 metres in 12 minutes and 32 seconds.

I ate a slice of the most Tim cake ever to celebrate Annie's birthday.

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I wrote this journal entry.

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