When I should have been at work tonight I was at the russell, and also doing some homework. The more I think about it the more it seems evident that my primary reason for leaving Woolworths was to provide the fuel for that huge entry on Saturday... and it only got one comment. For Shame!
In other leaving Woolworths news, I left my legacy in the mens toilets on Friday night. I can practically promise you it's still there.

You know, because permanent marker doesn't fade that easily.



Hehehehe, nice one. You big, er, graffiti guy, you.

Good to see you holding up one of the three pillars of hip-hop culture.

May 27 2005 - Like
Raging Flippants Abound

I know it was you who wrote 'TURBO' underneath the toilet roll, but did you also stick on a sticker to the urinal cistern from the selection of 'hold', 'accept', 'reject' stickers?
It said "hold on to your wang" - I don't think this was you, more likely Nathan, but it coincided quite nicely with your departure.

May 27 2005 - Like

Alas I cannot claim responsibility for those stickers. It seems I missed my opporunity to see them too.

May 27 2005 - Like
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