The Butt End of Life

Men's Health arrived this month for reading on the train.
Ah, Men's Health, the magazine dedicated to telling you how to improve every aspect of your life so that you can quickly rise the ranks of society and spend the rest of your life living in fear of losing your good looks and dying.

Prostate Cancer is the biggest man killer out there. Men's Health's advice is that ejaculating regularly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and that men should masturbate three times a week. As an alternative, once a day you can eat Brazil nuts. I don't know about the editors of Men's Health but seriously Brazil nuts just really don't rate that high for me.

I was talking health today to a guy I met on the trip home and when I told him that 3 Brazil nuts a day could prevent prostate cancer he asked "wouldn't that hurt?!"


Zoe Plz tell us about PMS, Brad. <img src="./images/smiles/happy.gif">
May 24 2006 - Like
Zippo Thanks to studies like these, men everywhere can jack off to porn, and when they get caught by their significant others, they have a sympathetic retort, "Do you want me to die from cancer?" <img src="images/smiles/cool.gif">
May 26 2006 - Like
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