Coming Home

Oh God. Uni is so good. It's like a sweet, refreshing rain and I am
like some foreign, clueless farmer who has planted crops during the
wrong season and is now realising my horrible fuck up might be
completely erased. So I guess that's joy? 'Joy' is probably more

got up at 9, went to some lectures, played some ball at the gym albeit
crippledly and then went to the Coopers Bar where I didn't actually
drink anything but I could of drunk during the day and then I got home
at 3. Every inch of that campus is dripping with potential.

can't really say anything bad about the whole return, but this quote
was in my ideas pad for potential use in my 'back to uni' entry:

subjects isn't cool anymore? I feel like I'm the dad in a sitcom where
he goes back to college and everything has changed.



I have a husky voice and sound like a man <img src="images/smiles/happy.gif">

July 29 2006 - Like

I got a new car! WOO!

July 29 2006 - Like
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