Toilet Questions

What ply toilet paper do you use? I usually go for the 3 ply, the added safety of multiple layers without the thickness of a 4 ply.

Ah, toilet discussion. Seeing I'm 23 now and have just hung a shirt up ready for my day in the office tomorrow this is perhaps a subject I avoid broaching. Then again, I'm also a boy and thus find fascination with the shape, size and colour of pretty much everything that comes out of my body. And with that attempt to qualify this entry as highbrow now failed I shall now confess. I use primarily 1 ply toilet paper. But this isn't by choice, it's because I'm Scotish and do all my poos while on the clock at work. And because where I work is Scottish we only get 1 ply toilet paper.

But, because I don't pay for it, I usually use two sheets of 1 ply equaling 2 ply all up.

Do y..

Yes I fold.



Of course you fold. All sensible people fold. Why take the chance that your scrunching could leave a shallow patch just in the wrong spot, leaving your fingernails primed to break through and collect a scraping of poo? It's just wrong. You *need* the security of the well-organised fold.

A related question is, when you're faced with the pull-one-sheet-out-at-a-time paper, how many do you pull out per wipe? I'm a 4-5 kind of guy.

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Kevin Pietersen

KP folds as well.

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Loving the warmth and sunshine....

Okay this is perhaps the first time I've regretted seeing what wonderful wit and humour awaits me on Bradism..

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Loving the warmth and sunshine....

.... by the way.. did I mention it's been a consistent 29 degrees up here??? Absolutely AWESOME weather.. I am soooo not missing winter.. I am however rather nervous about venturing so far south as Sydney for the weekend where I'm sure to freeze my ass off since I've been using flannelette sheets for the past month.. apparently, according to the natives, I'm 2 years too early for that kind of behaviour!

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Megan, I'm sorry but with your new posting name and your constant reminding that it's sunny and warm I have to say maybe you are insecure about missing out on the crisp, foggy, chilly beauty that is Adelaide winter.

Ben, you are good to your word, but not the environment... I guess your Camille CD is on its way.

Folding is the way of the white collar class.

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Loving the warmth and sunshine....

HA!!! No insecurities here.. at least not about missing out on an Adelaide winter..

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I'd bring better quality TP to work. The magic is in the QUILTING!

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