I spent 12 hours today memorising 144 pages of my Software Engineering Resource Manual so that I may regurgitate it onto a few sheets of paper at 1:15pm tommorow. After that I'll have passed all of my subjects for this semester. Another semester down. Memorising stuff is so easy. I've used this strategy without fail since year 12 exams and it's bombing. I don't even feel like I could possibly jinx myself right now about tommorows exam with this little ego-driven post because Software Engineering exams must be the easiests toss-off exam in the university calender. I pity and mock those who actually spent time in the lectures for this subject as they were completely useless and have probably had a negative effect on their learning for serious reasons that I won't gointo. In my DB exam I claimed that ”Normalisation dissolves data redundancy”.
So after my exam I'll essentially have 4 weeks off. (I will go in on Tuesday for the repeat of the programming exam to see if I can improve my grade of 72% some more). My plans:

  • Buy an adventure game for the Nintendo 64, put the 64 in my room and finish it
  • Go Camping
  • Watch Cricket

That's not my things to do list that's just a general overview. It's sort of like the definition and later I'll give the specifications, which will be in super dot form, always trying to outdo the last. Anyways gotta rest up the sponge for tommorow's quest, which is ”Buy some new Windscreen Wiper blades on the way home from the whatever exam.”


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