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December Twenty-One

On the twenty-first of December, I drafted a journal entry. Two days later I’ve finished it, and it ends a little different to how I intended.

December twenty-first started as a beautiful day, a thin smattering of clouds between me and the morning sun gave the world a vibrant glow. The drive to work was short. End of year traffic was light and, unlike most mornings, the other drivers seemed equally unhurried. Similarly in town, pedestrians were smiling, and wearing festive outfits. In the office, friendly chatter echoed among the cubicles. There was no pressure in the air. No looming deadlines. No eyes down, fuzzy spreadsheets, jokes about needing coffee that weren’t laughed at. The shutdown was in sight. People were remembering to be happy.

I thought to myself, December twenty-first might actually be better than Christmas. No stress of preparing big meals and coordinating family members, no long drives and high expectations. No pressure to enjoy your fleeting leave before the calendar drags you back. It felt like a calm before a coming storm. A nice, relaxing calm.

That was, assuming you’d bought all your presents…

Later on, in the waiting room of my second Emergency Department for the night, the good vibes from the AM were a distant memory. Sickness sucks, more for Vanessa - suffering it - than for me who only had to watch on. Thankfully she is home now, not dying, just waiting for a new year to come and specialists to return to work. In the meantime, like for thousands of other people, worries spin in heads.

I thought to myself, it would be nice, to only have to worry about present ideas right now. Nice to only be concerned with coordinating holiday logistics, and the too-quick end of the summer vacation.

So, whatever the situation you find yourself in at the end of 2017, perfect or less, be thankful for the good things. And have patience with the bad. Try and carry with you, both now and as long into Autumn as possible, as much December Twenty-One spirit as you can.

Do I know You!

One day this week Vanessa came home with a brand new haircut. It’s a lot shorter now. I think it looks great.
She was a bit worried about making such a big change, and she asked me how I was about it.
“I’m good!” I said. “I think it really suits you, and it’s made me happy.”

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The First Mousse Cake

Being married to Vanessa means sometimes I get to eat things like this for Breakfast.

image 1805 from

Which leads to bright, colourful birthday-wifey-sugar highs.

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The Most important Thing?

A few weeks ago Vanessa arranged for me the greatest present ever, a Weet Bix bowl. To return the favour I arranged a gift of equal awesomeness for Vanessa, a Weet Bix bowl.

This week the mailman delivered them (I assume?) to our door and we washed the dust of a Chinese forced-labour factory off the bowls with our German made dishwasher overnight. This morning we woke up to His and Hers Weet Bix bowls.

image 1802 from

I immediately filled my bowl with homemade muesli, banana, honey, yogurt and of course a handful of Weet Bix.

Vanessa, however, doesn’t eat Weet Bix out of bowls and in fact doesn’t eat anything out of bowls that don’t have a handle.

You might think that fact makes my gift thoughtless and uninspired. But, you’d be wrong.

image 1803 from

Casual Friday Breakfast – Couples Edition.

image 1804 from

Palm Beach

Sydney winter is so tough.

On Saturday, Vanessa and I finally crossed off Palm Beach from the list of Sydney places to visit.

We climbed up the hill.

We climbed up the hill.

At the top there was some views of the ocean.</p>

At the top there was some views of the ocean.

Also, a light house

Also, a light house

No matter where she is,<br />
Vanessa is my guiding star

No matter where she is,
Vanessa is my guiding star

I’m walking on air

I’m walking on air

Then we went down to the sand.

Then we went down to the sand.

I found some driftwood on the shore that I decided to take an arty, high contrast black & white photo of.

I found some driftwood on the shore that I decided to take an arty, high contrast black & white photo of.

And from the very first moment I saw you.

And from the very first moment I saw you.

I never felt such emotion

I never felt such emotion

We’re closer each day…<br />
Home and away</p>
<p>Then we went home.

We’re closer each day…
Home and away

Then we went home.