5,777 Days Later...

They say that all good things must end, and if there would ever be an exception to this proverb it was going to be my Sennheiser HD515 headphones.

On a function of money paid to hours used, I concluded that these over-ear headphones were the most successful purchase of my life.
That was in March 2011.

John Howard was prime minister when I bought these headphones. The iPhone hadn't been invented, all my vertebrae were still intact, and cans of Bundy and Cola were over 100% cheaper than present times.

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Alas, the sponges I used to replace the earphone padding 3,985 days ago did not last as long I'd hoped for. Also the top padding broke, and the cable was fraying. And the connection would get a little scratchy if you moved the cord too much.

Still, even adding the additional $1.33 I paid for the sponges, the HD515s were the best thing I ever bought. Today their replacement arrived on my front doorstep like a baby at a fire station. The HD 559s.

They're not a prestige headphone. I'm lazy enough that I listen to most of my music via streaming services these days, and mainly I wanted something that was comfortable to wear for hours listening to Kunzite, Run the Jewels, or RÜFÜS as I pounded out emails in my home office, while still being able to hear Nash barking at the person reading the water meter.

I took the new box upstairs and opened the packaging with trepidation, conscious that I was wearing the HD515s on my ears as I did this. I extracted the new headphones, marvelling at the lack of scratches on the plastic, the goddamn girth of the earphone padding. Then, as I went to plug them into my computer I realised that these headphones did not come with a 3.5mm Stereo Jack adaptor to let me to plug them into my computer...

Fortunately, in 2006 the HD515 did.

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This means my HD515 jack adaptor is now my most successful purchase ever.


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