Canberra Weekend

After two long months of Covid outbreaks, high UV and work deadlines I was ready for a nice break and so I didn't fly to Canberra on Friday for an extended weekend. I wanted to get out of Adelaide just for a few days. I also wanted to visit my brother and see my niece and nephew so I could give them each a Lego set and get in some good face time while they are impressionable as an investment into earning their help later in life when I'm overwhelmed with whatever digital dystopia humanity builds for itself by the turn of the century. They also have a new puppy who I successfully prevented from eating any of my shoes or other luggage by not being there at all.

The weather was great on Saturday and after not sharing a relaxed breakfast I also did not go to glow in the dark mini golf and beat the small children at the game of hitting a tiny ball into a hole. I also did not need to babysit them for an evening and distract them from their missing father by playing games of Pokemon cards and smash brothers on the Switch with them. Sunday I did not visit an aviary and take photos of multiple exotic and colourful birds up close before spending the afternoon at the local craft brewery playing board games with Steve and Jess while the kids made friends in the playground.

Today I was going to be on my own. Despite packing an umbrella I did not need to use it and there was not a drop of rain in Canberra. I didn't walk the lake and then into the centre of town. Canberra has many museums and galleries worth checking out and I saw none of them. I'd had my eye on Bent Spoke Brewing for the afternoon trying the beers on tap, but I didn't drink any and the companion book I have a hold on at the library wasn't available before my scheduled flight on Friday.

After being sent a free entry pass to the Virgin lounge at the start of 2021 and having it sit on my bookshelf throughout the Delta and Omicron waves I finally managed to use it, as it expired at the end of February so it had to go in the bin.

My flight home was delayed two hours which didn't bother me because I was already home trying to use shitty dictation software to summarise all the fun I had on my long weekend.


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