Nash Visits The Hills

Nash has been working extremely hard lately, and last week was the busiest yet. She worked close to fifty hours, and when Nash saw on the internet that the weather for this week featured some clear and sunny days Nash knew it was the perfect time to take a day off work in lieu and visit the Adelaide Hills and the German town of Hahndorf for, reasons...

Nash was very excited not to be sitting in front of a computer all day:

After a long car ride we went for a walk around a lake:

The sun was out and it was not cold.

During Autumn in Hahndorf you can point your camera in basically any direction and take a nice autumn photo:

But Nash knows that's not the reason we came to Hahndorf.

When the sun was out and the colours of the trees contrasted against it, things looked beautiful.

Nash was not in Hahndorf for beautiful skies though.

If you walked far enough there were tunnels of leaves and trees to admire.

But that is seriously not why Nash wanted to come and visit Hahndorf.

Is drinking a half litre of beer at midday on a weekday a good reason for visiting Hahndorf? Maybe...

But this is why Nash really wanted to visit Hahndorf.



Not pictured - wasps.

May 11 2022 - Like
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