Single Lens Reflections


I was pontificating to myself (mainly) about photography and more specifically what I hope to get out of it. You know, to self actualize more efficiently. These thoughts occurred in me because I successfully rekindled my hobby of photographing things by investing $4,000 into a new camera back in July. While on holiday for two weeks I took over 800 photos and in the two weeks since I returned I hadn’t turned it on.

A bird of paradise gets drained by a bird of domesticity.


I want to take photos, but I struggle to know what I should take photos of. There are lots of nice looking things and places in Adelaide and some of them I have photographed already.


I don’t really have a desire to find things that look good and simply take technically correct photos of them. I believe photography is a tool with which I enrich novelty and experiences in my life further. This occurs in the moment - as my brain is forced to notice details and angles about my surroundings in order to better capture them. And it occurs in the post processing where I get a relatively quick follow up of the experience I have just had, filling in the memories and giving me easy access to digital copies that I can review again when I want to ingrain the memories further.

The reward is seeing nice pictures that remind me of nice times.


So I guess the memories I chose to enrich from today were signs of spring.


And eating hot chips at the seaside while watching the sunset.

I like to leave the birds in.



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