It rained a lot today, and so I found myself reading things on the internet while keeping dry. A lot of things on the internet these days seem to be people dying when they're not expecting it. Like the case of Helios Airways Flight 522, which didn't pressurise after take off and flew in circles on computer guidance until it ran out of fuel and then crashed into south-eastern Greece, ending the lives of it's unconscious passengers who were just trying to go on a holiday.

This was very sobering, and a good reminder to live every day of your life while you can. It also gave me a craving for some roast lamb with lemon and rosemary, so I slow cooked some with herbs and other ingredients from the garden.


I didn't have a lamb in the garden so I had to buy that from the butcher. Not a whole lamb just part of a leg and some skeleton. Another reminder to live while you can.


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