Woke up at 6am for a second, annual hike up Mount Lofty on one of the only public holidays that you can hope you to get a car park. In fact, with today's forecast top of 38°C there were even more car parks available after we got back down.


We would have arrived slightly earlier, but after a week of rattling coming from the front of the car we finally isolated it to a broken guard under the engine and I spent five minutes gaffing it back together. This wasn't fun as I had to get down on the already warm bitumen twice, but while I was down there I got a glimpse of the cirrococumulus cloud high in the early morning sky and that was pretty.


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While taking a holiday was supposed to be an escape from much of life's routines, I was not expecting to abstain from eating almonds for over a week. Finally this weekend I have resumed my almond and apple morning teas in the presences of some grand waterfalls in Springbrook and Lamington National Parks.

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