Neutral Grip

Some photos I edited today with my new Xbox controller.




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Next Entry: The Most Abhorrent Meal of the Day

The Vitamix Explorian E320, like most of 2022, did not meet my expectations.

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Too much for me summarise in a review. Instead, I thought I'd share a single takeaway and challenge from each of the sessions.

Promoted Entry: Chasing Waterfalls and Sunset Cows

While taking a holiday was supposed to be an escape from much of life's routines, I was not expecting to abstain from eating almonds for over a week. Finally this weekend I have resumed my almond and apple morning teas in the presences of some grand waterfalls in Springbrook and Lamington National Parks.

Previous Entry: December Continues

December has continued since last Friday, with some time on the bench and alternating my wrist brace between arms. Also according to my camera.

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